Slainte and Hallo Scotch Drinkers

 This being my first post, I thought I would share a bit about myself.  I’m proud to have Scottish heritage, Burns, through my Great Grand Father Edward Myron Burns.  I live in the great state of Indiana, yeah Hoosiers.  I have been drinking Scotch nearly 10 years now and began my libation gestalt began with this magnificent spirit.  It is not that I depise every other spirit (except Gin and Tequila), but I simply take great pleasure and satisfaction in enjoying a good dram of Scotch over any other liquor.  This is why I love informing  people about this Scottish “water of life” (whisky-[Scottish Gaelic-uisge-beatha/uisge-“water”, beatha(n)-“life”]).  If you have never experienced the splendor of a “good” Scotch, worry not there are plenty out there.  My goal with this site is to examine and explain Scotch varieties and tastings as well as give my own personal critique of particular single malts.  I say single malt because I will seldom examine blends, and if you’re unsure what the difference is between a single malt and a blend, don’t worry I’ll get to that.  Questions, comments, and opinions are welcome, but please be civil.  So whether an aficionado or newbie to the glorious realm of Scotch-dom,  read and enjoy.      

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