Why this one?


Recently a panel of “experts” named Talisker the “Best scotch in the world”.  What are these people thinking.  Many people do for some reason enjoy this Highland malt (should be Island malt), but I have yet to discover why.  I purchased a bottle of Talisker a while back and I was immediately dissappointed.  The best scotches in my mind are full-bodied, yes, but smooth at the same time.  This liquor grabs hold and never lets go.  There is an overwhelming taste of salt and pepper with this scotch (not uncommon with a number of Island scotches), but I’m not eating food I’m drinking Scotch.  I’m not totally dissing the distillers of this beverage because somehow they have found a market.  I will say though if you’re angry and need a slap in the face and a kick in the nuts by all means consume Talisker.  However, if you wish to enjoy a great, smooth, sipping Scotch choose something else, this one is not for you.

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